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NLnet Labs is looking for a software developer.

NLnet Labs is an Internet research and development company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our activities focus on design and (open source) implementation of Internet protocols that makes the network of networks the Internet. For example, we contribute to the development of Internet protocol standards via the IETF, implement DNS software (authoritative name server and recursive resolver), advance DNSSEC deployment, research into BGP inter-domain routing, and accomplished various IPv4/IPv6 studies (Multipath TCP, packet fragmentation, end-to-end principle). Summarising, working at NLnet Labs is an interesting mix of research, protocol standardisation, software development, and outreach.

For our research and software development activities, NLnet Labs is looking for a software developer.

Software Developer

Responsibilities for software developer are the design, implementation and evaluation of model applications (DNS and inter-domain routing related). All software will be made available as open source.

Requirements are a BSc/MSc degree, in-depth knowledge of at least one programming language (preferably C). Desirable skills are knowledge of networking, DNS, and scripting languages (e.g., Python or Perl).

To apply for this position please submit a covering letter and CV in PDF format to

Student Projects

NLnet Labs encourages (graduate) students to perform their projects at NLnet Labs. Preferably such project should apply to the Internet and result in open source software, but alternatives are welcome.

Students that perform such projects are expected to work at NLnet Labs' office in Amsterdam for a few days per week.

If you have a project it is possible for NLnet Labs to shepherd it, please contact us at, so that we can work out the details together.

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