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In short: NLnet Labs welcomes your donation!

To fulfill our mission we rely on subsidy and donations, consultancy, and support contracts to fund our work at NLnet Labs. If you or your organization use NLnet Labs products, or support its activities then please consider a donation. In that way we continue to work on public interest projects which relate to an open and innovative Internet environment available to all.

Any contribution is welcomed. For a significant or regular contribution please contact us so that we can send you an invoice (to prevent paypal charges) and sign a contract (to protect our charitable status, see details below).

Our financial status

NLnet Labs' Expenditure totals 572k Euro (in 2010). For the most part its activities are funded by donations: 432k Euro. Other main sources are income from consultancy and from NSD Support contracts: 86k and 51k Euro respectively in 2010 (more details can be found in our annual reports).

Our Fiscal Status

All our deliverables are targeted to enhance the open, secure, and innovative nature of the Internet for all. Therefore NLnet Labs is a not for profit foundation (see our statutes) that is recognized by the Dutch tax authorities as Institution for General Benefit (algemeen nut beogende instelling or ANBI). Under Dutch tax law, donations, legacies, and subsidies provided to NLnet Labs are, under the usual conditions set by the Dutch authorities, exempt of tax and/or tax deductable.

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Special Acknowledgement

For their contributions in 2013 we specially acknowledge
Verisign Inc comcast dk-hostmaster
For their ongoing financial contributions we would like to acknowledge

Further we acknowledge for their earlier contributions
Verisign Inc comcast cisco secure64
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